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Last Updated~07.28.06

If you do decide to adopt something or use something on Silver Butterfly, please remember the following rules. There are only six, so I hope you will read everything in the Terms of Usage for Silver Butterfly. Thank you very much!

Terms of Usage for Silver Butterfly

1) Do not ever, under any circumstances, direct link anything within this site, if you do not know what 'direct linking' means, please check with Google.com.

2) Do not ever, under any circumstances, copy/steal/take/recolor/destroy/ manipulate/alter/redistribute/sell/etc. any of Silver Butterfly in part or whole. Inspiration is permitted, but please understand the difference between taking something and getting inspired by something, before you do anything. As before, please check Google.com for the meanings of the words 'inspiration' and 'inspired' and 'take'.

3) Always link back and give credit to Silver Butterfly beside anything you use, except in the case of using my contents to create your content (the word contents include everything that can be put on a website including the HTML coding and layout). Please see the second Terms of Usage for Silver Butterfly regarding using my contents.

4) All images/art/etc. provided by Silver Butterfly that are permitted for you to use are to be used solely for that purpose. For example, if there are avatars provided by Silver Butterfly, you may only use the avatars as avatars (with credit and a link to Silver Butterfly beside it, of course), and you may not redistribute them, which means you may not give them to anyone through email/Instant Messages/websites/etc. Instead, give them the address of Silver Butterfly, they can find stuff they want to adopt by themselves.

5) Everything within this domain remains copyrighted to the owner, Lizzie L., unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved. Therefore, by violating any of these Terms of Usage for Silver Butterfly, you are violating copyrighted materials, which means you can and will be charged in a court of law.

6) Never use any part or whole of Silver Butterfly and/pr its creations for profit on the web, for forum currency, or real life, offline currency such as Dollars, Pounds, etc.

*Thank you for reading all of these Terms of Usage for Silver Butterfly!*

However, by entering and proceeding thoughout http://silverb.50webs.com/ you are immediately bound by the terms of usage stated within this page whether or not you read them and whether or not you agree to them. Anyways, congratulations on successfully completing the only mandatory thing on Silver Butterfly! Please proceed to a destination and remember the Terms of Usage for Silver Butterfly while surfing this site! Enjoy and please come back soon!