I've been wanting to do this for almost a year now: I need to focus on the reality I've been avoiding. I love art and pixelling,
but I'm getting closer to grade 12! SO! I'm leaving the pixelling community, and I don't know if and when I'll be back. My DeviantArt
account will be updated occasionally. However, I won't be on MSN much(and those who know me, laugh! I was rarely on anyways). 
You can get an (old) copy of my Terms of Use {HERE} or Bases by email.

Finally, thank you and much love to all the awesome people who gave me constant support in my endeavors from Piyo Chuu (or Pichu,
Good times!) to
Yume Sweet (still going strong! Yay!) to Pixellated Libellule (Yay!) and Tequila Sunrise (Whoo!). But, I'd like
especially to thank my wonderful sisters, Becs, for her constant help, and Aruky, for your cute tags. Also, to Purin, Rin, Kael
aka Lightning, Chloe, Raehny (Yes, I still remember! *hugs*) and Kree for all the great times and fab encouragements.
I won't ever forget! I LOVE YA!

Lizzie Lou =3

Site (Info) Email: silver butterflie AT gmail DOT com
Personal Email: white chii AT gmail DOT com
MSN: silver butterflie AT hotmail DOT com
Deviant Art: http://lizzi3lou.deviantart.com

My sisters: If you guys don't mind, I'd love to keep in contact, just link me here or http://lizzi3lou.deviantart.com
I'm still available as a judge, and I'll occasionally tag you.

My affies: You can delete me if you like or just change your links to http://lizzi3lou.deviantart.com

Everyone: If you'd like to be notified if I come back, send a blank email titled "Silver Butterfly Notification Subscribtion" to
silver butterflie AT gmail DOT com. I promise I won't spam or sell your email. =^__^=